Daily Lenten Reflection

March 8th, 2021



Hi I’m Ben!  I’ve been going to Bloor Street United Church for three years.  I’ve been a part of the United  Church my entire life and I joined BSUC when I began studying at the University of Toronto.  Since then I’ve found a great community striving for faith and justice.



Lent is a critical routine in the Christian calendar for me  Lent begins usually in the coldest part of the Canadian winter.  February is a month for me that represents a creeping fatigue in me due to the accumulating activities.  A new school term starts and starts running well before you realize it.  Between finding jobs for the summer, the job you already have, midterms, exams, and that mountain of reading one evitability has, the Lenten season can sometimes feel like a trek through a cold and gusting snowstorm.  The wind picks you up from one place to another, your mind perhaps more focused on finding the finish line rather than finding shelter.  Perhaps for me and in this year in particular, Lenten is about finding refuge and helping others to find that refuge, those who are most certainly facing bearing a more difficult Lenten season than me.  A show of faith to me is ensuring that we help one another weather this strange year and patiently wait and pray for the promises of warmth, growth and new life that is Easter.

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