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Daily Reflections

April 24, 2020

Good morning Bloor Streeters,

A long slow spring has much to recommend it. Even when we are yearning for warmer weather, it’s a pleasure to watch the spring ephemerals linger. Scylla and daffodils and forsythia seem to relish the chilly air, and even if it means you have to wait a little longer for the tulips, this pause before the full onset of the new season has its own charms. The sunshine has a special brilliance when there are no leaves to soak up the light, and a grey sky is somehow more lustrous in a slow spring.

According to public health officials, the cool weather has also been keeping us on our best behaviour with respect to social distancing. When it is 5 degrees, the temptation to congregate on streetcorners and in parks diminishes!  Front porch visits and two-meter picnics lose their appeal when the wind slices into your spring jacket. Some of the masks people are wearing are helpfully keeping our faces warm. But that won’t be true for much longer.

We are stalled right now, caught in suspended animation, an exercise of patience and waiting. The changes we are longing for are going to come, but not just yet. And when they do come, when the temperatures rise and the blossoms follow and the leaves fill in – and the rules begin to change – there will be both great rejoicing and new challenges. You can be fairly sure about the way the spring will unfold, but the path may not be so clear as the covid 19 precautions change. We will begin to shop and to gather and to travel again, but so gradually, and perhaps with setbacks. You just can’t hurry things – that’s what we are hearing from public health.

And that resonates with the story of faith. We may have a mental picture of saints and heroes, we may sometimes wish for a dramatic flourish of certainty and change. But faith often comes on like a slow spring. Its growth mostly imperceptible, a little at a time. Seems not quite warm enough. Setbacks along the way. But there is something relentless about God’s love. And in a slow spring, for this we give thanks.

Please let us know at church if you have questions or if you should become ill. We are working from home, but available on the phone.

With my warmest wishes,

God bless you



Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

Bloor Street United Church


[email protected]

416-924-7439 ex 44

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