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Daily Reflections

April 25, 2020

Good morning Bloor Streeters,

Tomorrow will be our sixth Sunday in the ZOOM church mode. Who would have thought? At first we said, well, surely we’ll be back in church by Easter weekend. You can’t have Good Friday on ZOOM, can you? Or Easter Sunday without trumpets? And yet we did.

And now it is beginning to seem natural. Or if not natural, at least manageable. Even rather fun.  There are some things about ZOOM worship that I have found deeply moving. The sight of your faces as they appear one by one on the screen, and your voices as Brad figures out who is who on the telephone lines. The idea that we can include some beloved members of the community who are now physically in far-flung places.  It has been so interesting to watch David adjust the music step by step so that we now have a variety of styles and possibilities in each service.  Something new again tomorrow. And (not entirely to my surprise) people seem to find 6 minute sermons quite long enough – definitely a win-win!  Perhaps most touching of all is the sense that comes through the screens and speakers that even when we are not in our pews at 300 Bloor Street West, we are in fact together. That our prayers do rise up like incense, our thanks and our praise and our deep groans mingling in that ineffable space of God’s spirit. That our care for one another and for the world is fortified and amplified as we recall the words and songs of our faith. As they say, it’s all good. Or at least, pretty good.

Please let us know at church if you have questions or if you should become ill. We are working from home, but available on the phone.

With my warmest wishes,

God bless you



Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

Bloor Street United Church


[email protected]

416-924-7439 ex 44

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