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Green Tips

Caterpillar attack: An invasive caterpillar infestation is stripping trees entirely bare in areas like High Park, the Toronto Island and many other areas of the city.  Trees can regrow their leaves after such an attack, but the stress can send some trees into decline.   Experts explain that Toronto has experienced cycles of caterpillar infestations before, and that fungal and viral disease will eventually control the pests.  In the short term, property owners can try wrapping burlap around tree trunks, and dispatching any caterpillars that hide under the burlap. Don’t let caterpillars or the egg stage hitch a ride on your clothing or car. This CBC article tells you all you need to know.

Not down the drain; Our sewage treatment plants work hard on our behalf, but they are designed to treat only three kinds of waste. You know the first two, and the third is toilet paper.  Not Down the Drain is the city’s campaign to protect our municipal sewage systems and the water of Lake Ontario. Many things should never go down the drain. “flushable” wipes, for example. Fats, oils and greases for another.

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