Reflections on a Trip to Palestine/Israel

Nation-State Law

The Wailing Wall at sunset, Jerusalem

In Canada we who live here are citizens with equal rights. Our rights are not determined by our place of birth nor of the nationality of our mother or our father. Take a few minutes to read the conversation that Sayed Kashua, a Palestinian writer, has with his children as they drive away from the airport in Tel Aviv. How does one explain to a child that their rights in the country of their birth are less than others who live in the country? Click here to learn more about nationality cards and rights of individuals in Israel.

Freedom of Speech

A blockade Hebron in prevents Palestinians going further.

The ability to speak freely on any issue is one that Canadians take for granted. Read about the limits to freedom of speech of the press reporting on Palestinian issues in Israel. Freelance photographer Yasmin Akram Al-Na’ouq was shot at age 24 when a bullet hit her back and ha gas bomb went off while she was covering a protest east of Jabalia/Gaza Strip. Click here to learn more.

United States Support of Israel

A United Nations school in a refugee camp is fully fenced.

Mohammad Al-’Ajouri always liked to run. He had dreams of testing his skill against other runners but he lives in Gaza. Now his dreams of running are different. Mohammad lost a leg and now walks with a prosthetic. Read how Gaza residents brave the risk of death and injury to demand their return to their homes and villages and an end to decade long siege of Gaza. Click here to learn more.

Ongoing Nakba

A tea seller in Ramallah.

May 15th is the anniversary of the first Nakba. Unfortunately, its affects are still being felt throughout Israel. Read about Arij Abaeid, and his wish to have a home in the town of his family – Nabi Samuel. Instead he is forced to live in al-Jeeb after his home was demolished in the 1990’s. Click here to learn more.


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